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Driving With Your Hands Free: Using the Brodit ProClip for Communication.

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Being on the road is one that requires safety first, even when you are driving in the middle of nowhere. However, for several, this doesn't mean that communication can stop with others. This means that using a handheld device is just as important as driving. With the need to multi-task, there is also a solution that allows safety to come first while being in your car. For anyone who needs to communicate on the go, this is a Brodit ProClip, a device that allows you to tap into technology while you are driving.

Most know that, in recent years, driving with a handheld device is considered a hazard and danger to those on the road. However, most know that there is still the need to use handheld devices for communication, or to help with a long trip. The solution that has been presented for this is the Brodit ProClip. It is designed as a driver friendly clip and includes a complete way to attach portable devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, MP3s, GPS, radios and other devices in one area. With this alone, you can listen to music, talk to others and control your technology without having the disadvantage of taking one of your hands off the steering wheel.

The Brodit ProClip is not only effective in it's ability to help with driving safety, but is well thought out in it's ability to offer you the right fit. This begins with the custom made sizes that are a part of the clip, and are designed by vehicle make and model so you can place it into any type of car or truck. Along with this, is the capability of putting the clip into different areas of your vehicle, such as by your dashboard or by your lap, depending on what is easiest for you to use. If you have more than one car, than you can also look at clips that allow you to switch from one vehicle to the another, without having to worry about the different make or model you are driving.

If you are sure about placement, but aren't sure about compatibility that may be needed at different times, than you can also look at the extra features available with this clip. This includes even more convenience available to make sure you continue to drive with your hands free. For instance, some Brodit ProClips will come with a swivel device. This means that, if you are talking to someone from the passenger side instead of the drivers seat, all you have to do is turn the device for better communication abilities. With this convenience, is the ability to make even more out of your conversations, or technology programming needs.

For anyone who is on the road is the need to make sure that communication is clear and continues, even when safety comes first. If you are working towards finding the best solution, than looking into the Brodit ProClip is a device that can help you to keep talking through the turns. Through the special concepts of this product is an unique way to make sure that you can keep moving forward with communication on the road hands free.

What is Brodit ProClip Exactly?

Brodit ProClip is a mounting platform for installation of communication accessories in vehicles. Giving you a safer and more convenient driving environment when operating your mobile phone, PDA handheld, navigation unit or other communication equipment while driving.

Brodit ProClip Mount is a dashboard mounting bracket for installation of holders, mounting adapters and other accessories. Keep your communication devices attached to the dashboard in a secure and convenient way - always within easy reach!

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Benefits of Using Brodit ProClip Mount.

High Quality.

The ProClip Mounting Platform has been produced and developed by Brodit since 1983. "We meet the market's demand on quality products with functional solutions that are easy and convenient to use".

Wide Range of Products.

ProClip is available for most left-hand drive vehicles as well as trucks and right-hand drive vehicles. A customized ProClip is usually ready when a new vehicle appears on the market.

Does not Damage the Car Interior.

The interior of the vehicle will not be damaged as no drilling holes is required and you do not need to dismantle the dashboard.

Many Alternatives.

The ProClip has a firm fit. There are ProClips to suit various positions on the dashboard or console, giving you options for positioning and making several different installations in the vehicle.

Safer Driving.

With your equipment attached to the ProClip, it is always within easy reach. The goal is to provide you with convenient products and solutions, to give you a safer driving environment while driving and operating your equipment.

It Saves Your Time.

Installation is easy, with no special tools required. Detailed instructions with pictures are included on each product detail page on our web-site.

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