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Brodit LogoBrodit AB develops and manufactures products for installation of communication devices in almost all types of vehicles. Company was founded in far 1983 and is currently located in Karlsborg, Sweden. It has 80 employees and is market leading in Scandinavia, exporting its products to 30 countries.

User-friendly solutions and high quality are the two major priorities, a business concept that has kept the company strong in 25 years in a tough market conditions. "Things are looking good" says Ebbe Johansson, the company founder and CEO, about the future. "We are far ahead in a number of new areas, and the past years' investments in multimedia and PDAs are showing good results. Right now there is a frantic activity in the Brodit building."

Brodit is a manufacturer of products made of plastic for the automotive and telecom industry. During 25 years in business they have developed a unique knowledge and experience.

Here is the quality statement quote of Ebbe Johansson:

Brodit shall be one of the leading companies in our branch of trade and work to give our customers best possible service and strive to fulfil all demands and wishes they have on our products. To achive this, we will:

  • Have a good efficiency on what we make.
  • Strive to use material of so high quality as possible.
  • Work with well adapted production equipment.
  • Have a competent work group where quality is a matter of course.
  • Obey the law and follow regulations.

Car Kit Mounting Solution - How it Works?

The solution is simple and ingenious:

  1. Choose a Holder for your device. Each holder is applicable to one or more specific devices. You will be able to easily find a required match for your device using our Shopping Wizard. The Holder will be placed onto a Mount.
  2. Choose a Mount for your vehicle. A wide range of vehicles is in the list of the available mounts. Some mounts natively fit several vehicles without any additional modification. For the fitting information check our product detail pages.
  3. Place your device into the Holder and put the Holder onto the Mount. That's it - this is your unique personal solution!

Brodit Mounting Solution

Brodit Mounting Solutions.


The ProClip is a mounting bracket for the car's dashboard. Onto the Proclip you can install a holder for your mobile phone, PDA or a handsfree set.

Headrest Monitor Mount.

The headrest monitor mount is easy to install without having to damage the interior of the vehicle. The screen can be tilted and angled in order to avoid reflections. You can take the monitor with you when leaving the car.

Holder for Cable Attachment.

The choice for those who often connect a GPS or charging/data-cable to PDA. You attach the cable to the bottom of the holder the same way as you do to the PDA, but you don't have to attach it manually every time you put the PDA in the holder.

Passive Holder.

The passive holder is the choice for those who want to have their PDA safely installed in the vehicle. It is easy to put the PDA in the holder, and to take it out of the holder.

Active Holder with Cigarette Lighter Plug.

The choice for those who frequently use their PDA. Charges the PDA battery while it's in the holder. The PDA connects to the charging device every time you put the PDA in the holder. 12/24 Volt.

Active Holder for Fixed Installation.

An active holder with a straight cable with open end for fixed installation and a cable with Molex adapter system. The cables are to be connected inside the dashboard, this gives a discreet, neat installation without cables hanging over the interior.

Holder with Built-in Speaker and Amplifier.

With a holder with built in speaker you get a loud and clear sound. It is much easier to hear the directions through noise and stereo sounds.

Handsfree Car Kit.

A neat and good solution for those who use their PDA as a telephone and a navigation device! The holder has a hands free feature, a speaker and an amplifier.

Water Resistant PDA Case.

Water resistant box for installation of a PDA on a motorcycle or in the boat. Allows operating the PDA regardless of the weather. When the PDA is in the box, it is well protected from rain and dust.

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