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Brodit Monitor Mount (Brodit 213035)

Monitor Mount
Reference ID: 62.
Product Type: Brodit Monitor Mount.
Part Number: Brodit 213035.


£ 26.37
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Product Description:

Install onto a flat, horizontal surface. Fits monitors with a vertical slot in back.
Additional Information

Additional Information:
Headrest Monitor Mount.

Multimedia devices in vehicles are becoming more and more common. A lot of DVD and video units are being installed in the car. Choose an easy to install solution for the installation of the multimedia-screen!

The headrest monitor mount is easy to install without having to damage the interior of the vehicle. The screen can be tilted and angled in order to avoid reflections. You can take the monitor with you when leaving the car.

It is easy to install a mutlimedia monitor in the vehicle. First you attach a monitor mount onto the headrest of a front seat. The mount is available for various monitor models. Then you attach the monitor to the mount. The monitor is firmly in place, and can easily be removed when leaving the vehicle.